“Lady”, was just 9 weeks old when my husband brought her home for my birthday. She is a beautiful golden retriever and turns 9 at the end of this year.

One day, when she was about 3 years old, she just collapsed and couldn’t walk. Her back legs seemed to be the problem. So we took her to the vet, fearing the worst. After an overnight stay, X-rays and many tests, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We faced the prospect of costly hip replacements for her, the only other alternative being to try her on medication (Metacam and Joint Guard).

After being on medication for almost 4 years, a good friend recommended we try using “Get Up and Go” which we did last June 2013. Since then, she has stopped taking any medication and seems to have a new lease of life!

Even though arthritis is now setting in, she can still run to catch a ball and even chase the birds!

We can’t talk highly enough about “Get Up and Go” to all our doggy friends now and even our new vet is highly impressed and noted it on her file. Thank you, “Get Up and Go” Team – we are sorely tempted to try taking it ourselves, it’s helped Lady so much!

Jan & Peter Elmore


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