This is Oscar, who is in his 16th year (about 105 in our years). A purebred Border Collie, he is our beloved, shy old bachelor who lives a quiet but happy life with his two female admirers (young cats Angel and Sody).

He adored, & misses, his friend Jilly the black Labrador, who died aged 16 last 5th December.

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Oscar loves his food and still pretends to be a puppy when his dinner bowl appears, wagging his tail and prancing, as well as he can at his very advanced age.

He loves snoozing under the air-conditioner when it’s too hot outside, and he does enjoy an amble round checking out the garden and very slow, short walks.

Oscar may have a few minutes of fame on the internet soon!

Watch the website of our very good friends, the RSPCA Qld.


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