We have two miniature poodles…one six and the other four. Our six year old poodle (Felix) has had problems with his back legs and hips most of his life. The contrast in agility and comfort between our dogs is marked and Felix has been limited in his ability to run and play with our other dog (Grace). We have tried numerous treatments to help Felix stay as comfortable as possible…with varying degrees of success and permanence. Recently we were introduced to Get Up and Go for Dogs by our dog groomer.

We noticed a change in Felix’s comfort levels within a few days and this has continued for the next sixty days…one bottle of tablets….he takes one tablet a day.

He is a different dog at the beach…enjoying running and playing with Grace. He now stands up on his hind legs quite frequently for a pat…and we have even noticed the cheeky thing standing on his hind legs to have a look and see if there is anything interesting on the table…he would never have done that before! He has even jumped up on a couple of chairs recently…again something he would have felt physically uncomfortable doing before this treatment.

We are so happy with the results…it is great for Felix to be so comfortable…fun for Grace to be able to play with him, and such a relief for us to see him so happy and comfortable and to be able to treat him so easily, with a natural product!

We are really delighted…thank you so much!

Kindest regards, Ann, Grant, Felix and Grace Cameron


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