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Give your dog a purpose

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Our dog, Cotton, had always felt that he was the protector of the castle and the family.  But as he got older, he didn’t do his usual bravado when greeting guests and didn’t walk the perimeter to check for intruders.

About that same time, my father entered his 80’s and I found that if I gave him something to look forward to, he was so happy!  We all like to have a purpose and another purpose besides sitting around the house.  For my father, I would plan excursions, events, or activities and planned them months in advance so that he could plan, think and get excited about whatever it was that we were doing.

Just like us, dogs love to feel like they have a purpose, a job and like to feel needed. Read More…



Boo, 16 Years old - Looking regal

Boo, 16 Years old – Looking regal

One of the best parts about our job here at Get Up And Go, is to see and hear the reports from customers about how much the tablets have helped their dog!

One such dog is Boo, owned by Dave and Shirley…..  We recently met them at a Gold Coast park to shoot our recent testimonial video for our website blog. Read More…