Introducing the newest member of the “Get Up and Go” team….. Bella!!!

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After the passing of our old boy Buddy late last year – at the grand old age of 14 – we decided it was time to open our home to another set of paws.

We were after a new member of the family that our young girls could grow up with, a dog that loved the beach and the water and was happy to come on our weekend adventures.

We had been looking at the pound and rescue pages and one afternoon came across an ad for Bella – she was already in a loving home but unfortunately being in a 2 dog household just wasn’t working out for her.  She absolutely thrives on attention and cuddles and wasn’t keen on sharing that affection with another pup.

So we welcomed Bella into our home and into our lives.  She has the most amazing temperament around our girls and is everything we could have asked for in a dog.  And being that she is 4.5 years old we didn’t have to go through the puppy toilet training days.

Bella has filled a hole in our hearts since our ol’ Buddy left us and we are excited to spend the rest of her life giving her all the things a doggy could wish for……

First day home and Miss K has her sitting and staying on command!

First day home and Miss K has her sitting and staying on command!

If you are considering bringing a new dog into your family please consider giving an older dog a new place to call home.

Welcome to the Get Up and Go team!!!

Miss Bella

Miss Bella




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