Dogs with Arthritis: The trouble with NSAID’s


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Your old dog has arthritis – now what?

When it comes to your dog’s arthritis, there are two main options your vet will go through:  NSAID or Natural.  (It’s important to get your vet’s diagnosis, as some types of arthritis must be treated with antibiotics.)

NSAID stands for “non-steroidsal anti-inflammatory drug.” It is a serious painkiller and anti-inflammatory that comes with strict dosing instructions. It can have debilitating, even fatal, side-effects.

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The main problem with embarking on an NSAID regimen for your arthritic dog is that it is toxic to your dog’s kidneys and liver when taken over a long period of time.  Dog arthritis is something that doesn’t go away – it can’t be cured, just treated over the long term. That’s why it’s important to give your dog something that can be taken for the long term.

NSAIDs require regular blood tests and are only ever a short-term solution. Once the initial pain is treated with an NSAID, it’s a good idea to consider natural alternatives.

Natural alternatives can be:

  • Just as effective, reducing inflammation and pain
  • Safe to administer over the duration of your dog’s life
  • Promote general health and wellbeing
  • Energizing
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The trick is to find the right supplement for your dog. Each dog is individual and may respond to certain supplements differently, so don’t get discouraged if things don’t immediately change. It’s important to try a few, giving the supplement enough time to get into the bloodstream (usually at least a week).

~The Get Up and Go! Team


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