Dogs with Arthritis: Exercise


Exercise is an important component of managing your dog’s arthritis. Along with all-natural treatments,your dog needs to get up and going to maintain muscle strength and joint flexibility.
Lying for extended periods only makes your dog stiffer, so here are some great, safe ways to get your dog moving!
  1. Take two short walks instead of one long walk. Be sure to take it easy. Going uphill, weaving through cones or walking over low obstacles will increase muscle strength. Treadmills are also a great option.
  2. Let them swim in warm water or take them to hydrotherapy using an underwater treadmill.
  3. Practice tricks like “sit” and “stand” repeatedly.
  4. Play easy games like Fetch, Keep Away or Soccer.
As always, tailor pain management, exercises and diet to suit your dog, you know them best!
~The Get Up and Go! Team


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