Dog Days of Summer! Beach Rules For Dogs!

Going to the beach with your dog can be great for exercise and socialization! Here are some things to remember to make the trip more enjoyable:

* Make sure you’re within a Dog Exercise area on the beach, the Gold Coast City Council has great maps to show you where the Dog Beaches are at this link.

* Be sure to take a plastic bag!

* Bring a water bottle for your dog and a travel dish.

* If your dog swims, make sure he/she is a strong swimmer and watch for undercurrents. If you own a smaller breed dog, a doggie life jacket is a good option to keep them safe.

* Dogs can sunburn too! Watch the heat, check their paws for blisters and find shade often.

* Remember that running on sand is more strenuous on their joints, so don’t let them overdo it!


Have an awesome time at the beach over the holidays,

~The Get Up and Go! Team



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